Dear Parents of young children,


How often do you hear about how important it is to pray with your kids and model the value of coming before the Father personally and as a family? Recently, I was given an unexpected blessing that began over 30 years ago. I hope that what I experienced can encourage you as you are laying groundwork into your kids that can last through their life-time, and beyond.


When our two boys were just little ones, we began instilling active prayer as part of our home life. It was done at the table before meals, thanking God for His provisions of food. It was done when they went to bed at night before they went to sleep. We would thank God for His love for us and for dying on the cross for our sins, for what He did for us during the day, and we would lift up requests for those who were troubled or sick. As they grew, prayers would include praying for daddy while on his business trip or at an important meeting, for that kid doing the bullying at school who’s mom had cancer,  or for those tests to be taken at school the next day.


Establishing a communication with God in your children is a key spiritual foundation. It is something they can take with them the further you are letting your end of that parental “rope” out. Our kids needed to see or hear mom and/or dad praying, to know that we talked to God personally on our own, as well as coming together as a family unit.


As the later elementary, junior high and high school years surrounded us, those prayer times started to be more revealing to where our boys were in their independent walks with God. Even when there would be “communication dry spells," shall we say, when it would seem strained to talk on a parent-child level, there was something different when coming together in prayer before our Heavenly Father.


Enter the college years, the military, moving away from home... that rope had been released on our end (for the most part, LOL). Our time when the four of us could actually gather together to spend time in prayer was now very limited, but so, so sweet when it happened. I, as a mom, treasured those moments as I could hear maturity in their prayers which revealed more and more of what their relationship with Christ meant to them.


Forwarding to the adults years, I have witnessed them having prayer incorporated in their wedding ceremonies and in the foundations in their marriages.


Now, they have started their own families, and together with their wives, have begun laying that groundwork for communication with God to pass on to their children. I recently went up north to visit our youngest son and family. As we prayed before one of the meals, I realized something I had never realized before: Our son was talking to God saying, “...and thank You for Oma being able to come visit...(etc)”. The little boy that started with simple child-like prayers of his own, that I was able to witness grow in maturity, was now a daddy going back to those simple child-like prayers for the sake of training his little girl the value of communicating with Jesus through prayer.

Be Part of an Exciting Ministry and Have an Eternal Impact!


If you are interested in being a part of an exciting ministry on the weekends that can impact children with eternal value  (Preschool through 5th grade), find out more about Kids Church and what positions are open for the start of our new ’18-’19 school year beginning in September. Training meetings are in August and the team is being formed now. Contact Debbi Andrews at or call 562.296.6483.



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July & August Kids Church Volunteers needed to sub

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The month of June is Nursery Volunteers Appreciation Month

Please say thank you to those who serve with our little ones!


AWANA Needs Your Help

Sign up in the Kids Lobby if you are interested in volunteering for the AWANA 2018/19 season.  Or, if you would like to sponsor a child to attend AWANA, place a check made out to Cornerstone Church, with a notation “AWANA Scholarship” , in an envelope to the attention of Debbi Andrews/Cornerstone Kids ($40 covers a child for the whole year)